If you or a loved one has suffered financially like selling a home or using all of your savings – We are here to help, we can provide you with a FREE assessment and claim back any fees you have paid for.

If you are one of the million UK families that have had to sell their homes to pay for care, you may be entitled to funding and a return of fees paid.

In many cases, families have had to use their life savings or sell their homes to pay for their own care, unnecessarily and unfairly when they would have actually qualified for funding through the the NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding scheme. Which makes an assessment based on needs, such as mobility and severity of conditions.

Our specialist team can help with;

  • Reclaiming care home fees that might have been wrongly paid.
  • Helping you or your relative decide whether you or they can apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding and helping you to apply.
  • Reviewing your care home and/or GP records, or those of your relative, to establish whether there’s any merit in making an application.
  • Reviewing assessments that have already been completed and letting you know whether you can appeal the decision.

If you would like to know more or check your eligibility to make claim please contact us today.

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Getting ready to make a claim?

If you think you have been aggrieved or let down by an individual or company and you think you have grounds or merit to make a claim. You can do that by clicking the make a claim button below and supplying us with as much info about your claim.

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What happens next?

Once we receive your online application, we’ll have a quick chat and ascertain a few extra details about your claim. This will help us determine how strong your case is. We may also ask for photos and documentation to help support it. Once we’re happy we will prepare your case for one of specially selected panel solicitors to take on. As always, our cases will be on a no win, no fee basis. So you have nothing to lose.

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How long does it take?

That all depends on the type and the complexity / merit of your particular claim. Things to consider are; Will the claim be defended. Has there been legal precedent before. Will professional experts and reports be required. Some claims can be dealt with in months and some can take a longer more protracted period, which could be years. Either way, yo will be kept abreast on any developments and time frames.

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I’ve just filed a complaint with your group online. The person who has dealt with my case so far is Bernie who has been so friendly and helpful. It’s difficult to comprehend what’s happening to me right now but Bernie managed to keep me composed and focused on getting my story out whilst maintaining a friendly professional approach. It was greatly appreciated at the time.




I’m very pleased with Assured Claims and thank you to Bernie for assisting me to complete my claim. I had lost £45k by a scam involving a person pretending to be a movie star through her fan club. It’s been a stressful time for me so I’m glad Assured was there to help.



I wasn’t sure I could make a claim but once I’d spoke to Sarah at Assured I knew I would be able to. The process was easy and their solicitor was very good. Keeping us updated along the way. Would recommend.

Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore


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